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Running Toxin Burden Scan

The Toxin Burden scan was designed as a marketing tool to promote detoxification.  Each individual practitioner determines the methods for utilizing the information.  They may use a 10 day detox kit (that is what we do) along with Footbath detoxification, Sauna, Biomat, Rife, Homeopathics etc.  It varies for each practitioner.  We have all sorts of methods in our clinic and we work around the client’s needs.  We generally use the detox kit and Footbath detoxification (commercial unit) and rescan after 4-6 weeks for changes.  Sometimes we include homeopathics to assist in the process. Example: So, if heavy metals was high (10) we go inside an empty hold tank and click on the Filter Tab up top and type Heavy Metal and search / select Heavy Metal Signatures Comprehensive and check the 1X1 box and scan and it will list the heavy metals in the body (Picture 1) and we imprint it in the EQ Metalstat and we go to the 1 Item tab and check for a match for A BINDER AND DRAINER (Picture 2).  They start their detox and retest the toxin burden when finished to evaluate changes.

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  • 24-Jul-2019