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What can you imprint into?

We use blanks (structured water with 8% alcohol), homeopathics and we also imprint into a laser.  We use these mediums for imprinting because we know from research that they hold the energetic patterns for the time needed to complete the energetic shift for individuals (this can range from 3-6 weeks).  Many practitioners use other items to imprint such as crystals, magnets, magnetic strip cards, essential oils and I am sure there are others.  We also use these but we are not dependent on the imprint holding the length of time recommended by the scans to complete the shift.  If we do imprint these things we also accompany it with the Imprinted blank, homeopathic or laser.  Note:  When using a laser if the battery dies it loses the energy patterns so, if you notice the light is getting weak, change the batteries and re-imprint the laser.

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  • 30-Apr-2019