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What is Remote Testing

Remote Testing gives you the same information as testing an individual that is present and holding the electrodes.  This testing is accomplished through quantum physics which many practitioners and clients are not ready to accept.  So, with that said we use caution in the explanation of how it works.  Instead of explaining the quantum physics aspect of the testing our clients are quite familiar with DNA testing through hair, saliva, nails and urine.  These are used in conventional medicine and are "accepted" by all as a valid method for retrieving information about individuals.  They watch CSI and NCIS and all the shows that use DNA to solve crimes and therefore they are conditioned to accept the modality as valid and not "whoo whoo".   With that said they accept that when you get samples you are able to get information about an individual based on the DNA provided by the individual being tested.  When in reality it is not the DNA/Samples being tested at all.  It is the person themselves being tested through the aspect of quantum physics. 

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  • 02-Apr-2019