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Why is it that when you testplate a supplement or food item that the readings change? Why will something that we know is unhealthy for a person test good when testplating? What do the various results in testplating mean?

Question 1: You must always go with the 1st reading when you test plate an item.  The system will send the energetic pattern to the body in order to test the pattern and record the body’s response and therefore the body is changed by receiving the energetic pattern. 

Question 2:  Ask a stupid question; get a stupid answer.  Never test plate items you know are not good for an individual.  An example would be if you put bleach on the test plate…..We all know bleach is bad for us and we would never think of taking it internally.  However, if we have bleach toxins the actual energetic pattern of bleach can be beneficial for detox purposes.  So again, ask a stupid question you may get a stupid answer.  The body is actually testing the energetic pattern and not the actual substance itself.  Test plating is an imperfect method but the best we have and has proven to be effective for clients. 

Question 3 Results for Test plating items:  Green – the energetic pattern is a match and will address causal chain issues. Red – the energetic pattern is good for symptom and maintenance purposes but is not addressing the causal chain issues and Yellow – The energetic pattern is disresonant and should be avoided for a period of time.  It does not mean it is not going to match forever but for the present it should be left off.  Something to consider is when something is taken long term even though it is considered healthy the body can become "allergic" or "sensitive" to it.  This is why allergists tell their patients to not eat the same foods every day.  Supplements can react the same way.

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  • 11-Mar-2019