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Understanding the Food Sensitivity Scan

Does this mean the client has a sensitivity to (some) beans/legumes? Or possibly all of them? 

Does "feta" in the second line mean feta will help them, or is that the thing they're sensitive to?

Green is the remedy.

In conventional methods (with an allergist); the doctor uses a miniscule amount of the allergen and injects it into the person with the allergy.  This is done to assist the body in recognizing it as safe.  We do the same thing energetically.  So, with that said the remedy is the “offending agent”.  The items indicated in red or yellow are a category in which the allergen is a part of.  The red and yellow are simply telling you the amount of disresonance that the specific food within the category is creating.

Note:  Sometimes an entire category can be noted in the Comprehensive.  Example:  If Dairy antigens shows up (in the comprehensive) then this means the person is sensitive to all dairy.

This example is from a food sensitivity scan and therefore it is taking a group of items within a category and showing the specific one that is causing disresonance.

The first example comes from the comprehensive and it indicates a sensitivity to all legumes

The second example is from a food sensitivity and contains a disresonance caused by Feta cheese which is found in the Food category of dairy.

This indicates a sensitivity to the Feta Cheese not all dairy.

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  • 11-Mar-2019