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Instructions for Food Desensitizing

Once you have finished running the Food Sensitivity Scan, it is now time to compile the given info so that you can create a list of “foods to avoid” for the duration of given weeks that the system recommends.

First, you will click on the (Scale) tab in the top left corner of the filter screen. This will organize the foods in order of most disresonant to least disresonant in the body. You will then take the top 10 most disresonant items of the scan and suggest that your client avoid ingesting them for the amount of time that the system recommends. The remaining items found on the scan that are less disresonant should not be ingested more than one serving per week.

If your client is dealing with a severe food allergy that can cause anaphylactic shock, we recommend that you take the specific energetic pattern for that food and imprint it into a medium by itself.

You will start by instructing the client to add 1 drop of the remedy into 8oz of water. If they can handle that dose without issue, then the next day proceed to 1 drop in 7oz of water. Each day afterwards, continue lowering the amount of water by 1oz until they are left with just 1 drop of the remedy by itself.

From there, they should increase the amount of drops by 1 drop each day until they reach the amount of drops recommended by the system.

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  • 11-Mar-2019