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How do you address heavy metal toxicity with clients with neurological issues?

Very slowly.  Support filtering organs (Liver/Spl/Kidney 2 caps 3 times daily and Filtering Organ drainage 50 drops 2 times daily for 2 weeks before starting detox along with Aquamax (Liquid Chlorella). 

After 2 weeks start Zeolite slowly.  You may then add EQ Metalstat 1 drop at a time.  Footbath detoxification is beneficial to assist in this process (make sure the footbath unit is a reputable and well researched unit).  Start on Low Level and work up slowly. 

Have them drink lots of good water and eat organic healthy foods. 

Avoid foods that are unhealthy esp. during this process.  

Try to get moving in order to increase lymphatic drainage (rebounder) Get proper rest.

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  • 11-Mar-2019