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Importance Of PH

Refer to handout book Pages 64-68 for Reames Protocol

Mineral Acceptance Chart  Take note of the PH ranges for a person to be able to        uptake various minerals.  Sometimes when there is an energetic deficiency of a      mineral they may be too acidic to uptake the nutrient.

Reames Testing  - Instructions for Reames testing is based on urine collection.        Please see handout for instructions on how to use the Reames method.

Blood Chemistry

Refer to handout book pages 69-80

Most of my clients ask me to go over there blood work with them and recommend something natural to assist in bringing items out of line back to normal.  This segment has common lab work and the normal values.  You will notice a chart on page 69 and 70 that say if too high refer to _____If to low refer to _____; take the values listed and refer to the chart on page 80 for the natural remedies to bring the blood work in line.

IV Therapy

Refer to Handout Book Pages 82-92

This scan has custom IV’s and common IV’s like Chelation, Myers Cocktail, Vitamin C etc.  Run the scan to see which IV’s are most beneficial for your client.   If you come up with an IV that has MTE refer to the pages in this section to see what they contain.  You can also find a description of the IV when you click on it in the hold tank.  If you have a doctor that is willing to work with you then you can imprint the IV’s before they are administered to the client.  This allows the energetic patterns to go into the bloodstream without going through the intestinal tract.

Nutrients Depleted by Rx

Refer to handout book page 93

This chart is a quick reference to see which nutrients are depleted by taking certain drugs.  This is helpful to use when a medication tests disresonant for a client and you are trying to get it balanced so that it does not have an adverse affect in the body.

Receptor Site Flush

Refer to handout book Page 94

This is great for persons having issues with conception.  Both the male and female need to do this.

It is also great for women having hormonal issues that normal methods have not helped.

This should be used to clear chemical toxins which mimic hormones (i.e. caffeine, insecticides, pesticides or other chemicals) and block receptor sites.  It should be done for 90 days and according to the cycles of the moon.

Organ Peak Regenerating Time

Refer to handout book Page 95

This chart is based on research compiled by the Chinese.  It gives you the time an organ or gland is most active.

Why is this information helpful?  If you have someone that wakes up every night at 1:00 a.m. you can look at the chart and see that the liver is most active at that time.  If they feel great all day until 5 pm and then at about 7 pm they start to feel okay again….then you can see that the Kidneys may be a factor.  I have seen this correlation many times through the years.

Gate Points for Sustaining Energy

Refer to handout book Page 96

Technique used by N.A.E.T. practioners

This is a way to protect your energy while working with others who are sick.  It basically “holds” your energy in and keeps their energy out.

Simply follow the steps and massage the designated points.  I have noticed when persons have a stress headache and this process is repeated 5-7 times the headache goes away.


This is a blood test designed by Dr Morea of Purdue University.  Dr. Morea discovered isolated proteins in the blood  (called ENOX 2) that is produced by cancer cells in the body.

This test will indicate where the cancer cells are originated by the section on the test where they are visible.

The Cancer research Centers of America have been doing clinical trials using this blood test.  It is early detection of Cancer.  Dr. Morea says it picks up Cancer when it is the size of a pin head.  This being many years before it would be detected by current conventional means.

We have sent in blood work on many we suspected cancer on and the test correlated with the Qest system every time.

Refer to Handout book page 97

Dental Chart

Refer to handout book Pages 98-99

This is a reference so you can give the client a visual of where a tooth is located in the mouth and also the organs, glands, systems etc. on the same meridian of the tooth.  Many times a tooth will affect other areas on the same meridian and the reverse can be true as well.  The other anatomy on the specific meridian can affect the tooth.  Be aware if the client has had teeth pulled or shifted that the placement may be off a little.

Spinal (Vertebrae) Chart

See handout book page 100

A vertebral chart had been provided so that you can use it to show a client the placement of a vertebra that is disresonant.  It is also good for showing which other parts of the anatomy can be affected by the disresonance of the particular vertebra.  The reverse can hold true as well; if an organ or gland is malfunctioning it can cause issues with the corresponding vertebra.

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