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How many Frequencies can you put into one homeopathic/blank imprint

The answer varies from practitioner to practitioner.  The developers had given me a limit of 30-35 energetic patterns per remedy.  It is my understanding from them that this varies from the individual using the remedy.  Most every client can process 30-35 patterns in one remedy but when you exceed that amount some individuals cannot process and they do not get the benefit.  From my experience over the last 20 plus years another factor to consider is if the patterns contain detox and you mix multiple scans it may be too much for an individual and cause a detox crisis.  The individual will have to stop the entire remedy instead of by process of elimination determining which remedy is creating the healing crisis and adjusting such in order to finish the said remedy.  I have done it both ways and found this the less complicated method.  This again is a judgement call for each practitioner.

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  • 24-Jul-2019