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What is the Amplification Level and what is the significance?

Healing the body is like peeling back the layers of an onion.  The amplification level is the layer the body has decided is the starting point. 

This test is only valid when the 1st test is run (which in my opinion) should always be the comprehensive.  Once an individual receives energetic patterns the baseline and the amplification level changes.  The Amplification level starts with 1 and then goes 2, 3, all the way to 15.  15 being the “core issues” or “deep rooted” issues.  It makes sense that these deep rooted issues can be more challenging to detox. 

The 1,2,3 levels are dealing with more surface issues and generally note the things that must be addressed before the body can move inward to the deeper issues.  There is an order.  For instance, if you are testing someone diagnosed with Lyme and it does not show up on the comprehensive it does not mean it is not a factor in the person’s health; it means other things must be cleared in order for the body to address the Lyme.

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  • 13-Dec-2018