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Understanding the differences between Causal, 1x1, and Single when creating a new Available Test

Causal Test

An excellent example of a Causal test is the “Comprehensive Analysis”. Selecting Causal ensures that only items that are related to causal chain issues are added to the hold tank.

1X1 Test

An example of the 1X1 test is seen in the “Informational Scan”.  It has many of the same challenges as the Comprehensive Analysis only instead of being set as a causal, it is set as a 1X1.

So, in the scenario that we used in the slide above, if 1X1 was selected, all 5 vertebra would be placed in the hold tank and not just the 1 that was a part of the causal chain.

Single Test

In this test every challenge added to the test is presented to the body to see if the frequency is needed and the body selects the Single most needed energetic pattern and adds it to the hold tank.  An example of the Single test is found in the “Multi Vite Scan”.  All multivitamins are added to the test and the system searches to find the Single best match for the body and puts it in the hold tank.
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  • 04-Jun-2019