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Test Plate Options: Testing Foods, Products Etc.

Use your judgement.  Frequencies received change the results of testing these items.  You must go by the 1st result

Remember: ask a stupid question get a stupid answer…  Example:  Testing Bleach - Why would you do this? you know it should not be taken orally but it is possible they need the frequency for detox purposes so do not test plate for fun and games.  This is hard to explain to a client when it goes green.

Limit the number of items you test plate

If testing supplements, Green indicates good for causal issues; Red indicates good for symptoms and maintenance but will not address the causal issues; Yellow indicates disresonance and should be avoided at this time. May be able to do at a later date.

If testing foods, green is good, red is okay and yellow should be avoided at this time.

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  • 14-May-2018