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How to read Client Reports

Amplification Level:  The Asyra/Qest scans to determine the level your body can tolerate in coping with toxins/pathogens that are present.  The higher the amplification level the more “deep rooted” the issues.
At the top of the report in the center in bold print indicates the TESTS that are being scanned.
On the left hand side there will be different colored blocks.  If there is a red block the item being tested is creating a stressed, inflammatory and or toxic condition in the body.  If a yellow box is present then the item being tested is weakening the body.  The green box underneath is the “remedy” which balances that particular item.
On some individuals there are too many issues to address them all so the technician will allow the system to prioritize the issues and address the most important items.  In most cases when the most important issues are addressed the other items take care of themselves.  

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  • 10-May-2018