Natural Solutions Clinical Support

Choosing your product lines/Information for ordering

Our Product Lines and Information for Ordering

Natural Solutions Wholesale E-Mail:

Phone: 229-272-1128

Energique (first time ordering ask for Toni Erwin. Tell her you have

completed the Natural Solutions Training Course. This is only

available if certification has been completed and submitted for

non-licensed practitioners.

Phone: 800-869-8078

Fax: 800-503-2588

Peter Gillham’s Natural Vitality 1-800-446-7462 ext. 135  Natural Calm & Natural Calm & Calcium

First Fitness – (This is an MLM company) We use it for the weight

loss protocol. Go through Natural Solutions Wholesale to try the

products. We will sell to you at our cost. Once you try them we

will assist you in sign up if you like.

Choose your product lines

Are they in the Master Library?

See attached screenshots of the master library to

see if your product vendors are preloaded (View screenshots below)

Will you need to add to the Custom List? (If so, we

will discuss this at a later time)

Will you be using the existing companies in the


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  • 17-Apr-2018