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Isolating Toxins in Targeted Areas

The feature of Isolating Toxins in Targeting Areas is helpful in many ways. You are able to see what toxins are affecting a certain area of the body. 

An example of using this feature would be a tooth that shows dental disturbance and you want to know if some type of toxicity is creating an issue.

To Isolate Toxins in a Targeted Area 

  • First go to Clients
    • Select your Client
  • Go to a clean Hold Tank (Must have 0 items in hold tank)
    (If needed, click Next Visit to create a new hold tank)

  • Click on 1 Item
  • Type tooth and search
    • Select the tooth that was showing an issue
    • Add selected tooth to Hold Tank

  • Click Filters
    • Type in Tooth Association 
    • Select 1x1 scan
    • Search
    • Select Tooth Association
    • Scan

  • Click Filters
    • Type in toxin
    • Select 1x1 scan
    • Search
    • Select Toxin  Organ/Gland Disturbance
    • Scan

  • Scale your Hold Tank
  • To get your Imprint Recipe 
    • Click on Filters Tab on top right
    • Type in Imprint
    • Search
    • Select Imprint Dilution Type
    • Select Imprint Flow 
    • Scan

If client is not already on a drainer, you will need to give them 2 energetic drainers and 1 physical drainer.

If there are any supplements that you know of that you think could be beneficial

  • Go to 1 Item
    • Type in supplement/herbal/homeopathic 
    • Select desired product
    • Test
    • If it shows green, add to hold tank

If you want, you could do an item search based solely on a certain product line by limiting to a specific product line. 

  • Go to 1 Item
    • Type in Dental'
    • Choose Select Category 
    • Select Desire product line
    • Test

A list of products related to your search should appear. Select the product best suited and test the product. If it shows green, that is the best choice as it will address causal issues. You can choose to place an item into the hold tank if it comes up Red Symptom/Maintenance or Causal Chain but always go with anything that shows Green first

If any of your supplements have an alcohol base, you are able to imprint your remedy into it.

  • Place either a blank or an alcohol based liquid onto the test plate
    • Find your imprint recipe and note the time and the dilution type
    • Change dilutions (if needed) through Imprint Options on the top right
    • Turn on your test plate
    • Select imprint time
    • Click Start

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  • 11-Apr-2018