Natural Solutions Clinical Support

Creating a Custom Remedy for a Symptom

  • Choose the client you want to make the remedy for then click the “Next Visit” button or add a new client
  • Click on the “New Hold Tank” with zero items in it this will bring you to a blank filters screen

  • Click on the “Symptom” button and type in your symptom
  • Click on “Item Search” click scan to scan for frequencies three to four times (This gives us a variety frequencies for the symptom)

  • Click the “Select Category” button
  • Scroll down and find your product line you want to use for this remedy
  • Click “Item Search” 
  • Click “Scan” (this will choose the best matching product in your product line to imprint into for your client)
  • Close the symptom window

  • Get chosen remedy from stock and place on test plate
  • Click on “Client” tab (left menu margin)
    • Add test and select “Imprint Specific”

  • Click on “Test Plate” tab
  • Click on “Imprint” (make sure the imprint transfer time is correct)
    • Place material to imprint on the test plate (a blank media, client’s
      hand, or laser)
  • Click “Start”
  • Pop-up will indicate Signature Transfer Complete – click “OK” button

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  • 11-Apr-2018