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Making a Remedy for a Specific Pathogen

Choose the client you want to make the remedy for then click the “Next Visit” button or “Add New Client”

  • Click on the “New Hold Tank” with zero items in it. This will bring you to a blank filters screen
  • Click on “One Item” search for your pathogen
    • Select “Comprehensive Category”

  • Click “Item Search” and scroll down until you find your pathogen
  • Click to check the box
  • Click “Test” button (at the top) to test to see if it is a match. Repeat for each strand
  • If it is a match it will show green in the box below
  • Click “Add Checked to Hold Tank” (box will pop-up saying item was added to Hold Tank, click “OK”)

  • Close the one item window
  • Add drainage remedies such as Cats Claw, Olive Leaf, Oregano, Echinacea
  • Click on “Client” tab (left menu margin)

Add test and select “Imprint Specific”

  • Click “Test Plate” button
  • Click “Imprint” (time according to instructions)
    • Place material to imprint on the test plate (a blank imprint, corresponding detox remedy (Example: Bactestat for bacterial detox)client’s hand, laser or other medium)
    • Click “Start”

Pop-up will indicate Signature Transfer Complete – click “OK” button

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  • 02-Jan-2019