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Form for creating a New Test

Step 1   You must first determine what you want the result of the scan to be.  Do you want it to be a causal chain test (only displaying the items that are a root cause) or a single most prevalent scan (choosing one item that is the single best balancing energetic pattern) Or a 1 X 1 Scan(displaying every challenge that it is a factor in the scan)?

 Written form for Create a TestCreate a Test FormWe are going to use an example scan for Hair loss (Alopecia)

For my result I want all factors that are creating an issue for hair loss for an individual; therefore I am going to choose 1X1 Scan

Step 2 You will now have to make a list of everything that could be a factor in whatever you are scanning.

In my example all factors that could be possibilities for hair loss are as follows:

  • Medications (especially Blood Pressure Meds)
  • Thyroid Issues
  • Hormonal Issues Including:
  • Excess Testosterone (Too much DHT that impedes the follicles)
  • Sudden shift in hormones (coming off Birth Control Pills)
  • Diabetes
  • Lupus
  • Ring Worm
  • Stress and Emotions
  • Excess Vitamin A
  • Lack of Protein, Inability to Digest Proteins, Amino Acid Deficiencies
  • Low Blood Pressure (Inhibits delivery of proper nutrition to follicles)
  • Iron Deficiency (Anemia)
  • Lack of healthy fats in diet
  • Vitamin B Deficiency
  • Auto Immune related hair loss (alopecia areata) This condition is characterized by balding patches around the head.  Immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles.  Could be viral, bacterial, fungal or parasitic.
  • Sudden Weight Loss, Gastric Bypass, Crash Dieting.  This going back to Nutritional Deficiencies.
  • Chemotherapy (this would be chemical toxicity)

Step 3   Once the list is completed you determine where in the Master List you can find these “challenges” (try the search menu REMEMEBER TO CHECK Filter names, product names, product descriptions, Master list and Custom list prior to doing the search.

  •   If they are not found in the Master List then you can enter through the custom list. 

Step 4 Add a New Test “Type the Name of the Test”

Step 5 Pull “challenges from the Master Library and the Custom Library into the test details.


How do I add items to the Custom List that are not physical objects?  This is where Quantum Physics “kicks” in and in my case “faith”.  Words are energy.  In the Bible we know God spoke creation into existence.  We know there is power in words; this is energy.  So, if you put a detailed description of what you want to add then put the written description on the plate at the appropriate time you can add these items effectively. 

Refer to Mesaru Emoto’s Research on the frequencies of words.

*Before referring to video 29 please note if you are on version or above method for changing to causal, single or 1x1 has changed. Please refer to the screen shot below for updated method.

Refer to the following videos for helpful explanations

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