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How do you prepare a client schedule on the Qest system?

How to Create a Schedule on the Qest System

  1. Go to File in the top left hand corner in the Client Screen 
  2. Click on Clinic Information and a box will pop up and at the bottom of the
    box place a check mark in the Show Report Schedule.
  3. Save this information and Close the Box.
    • This will stay from this point forward unless you change it.

  • Go to the Report Tab on the left hand side and then to the Schedule Tab up top and click on it. ( If you do not see the schedule tab complete 2nd step above.) 
    This feature allows you to generate a schedule on the Qest System..

Patient Schedule

  • Helpful to client if you indicate out to the side what remedy is used for. 
  • Highlight areas of importance 
  • Note what remedies imprints are in and what is imprinted in the remedy.  
  • Note the number of weeks the imprint is to be taken 
  • List Chiropractic Issues or any other recommendations 
  • List Re-Evaluation Date

For information on how to choose supplements to put on the schedule, refer to NS Protocol for Choosing Products

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  • 28-Sep-2017