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How do you create a test?

Before going into create a test, you should get out of the Qest4 application and then reopen it. Doing this will create a backup of your data on the hard drive of the computer. If you make any changes that you don’t like or you went in and got errors and messed some things up, you can go back and restore the database.

  • Click on “Create Test” tab
  • Click on “Add New” above Available Tests
    • Type in desired name of test (for example, Acupuncture Scan)
    • Click “OK”
    • Newly created test will be at the bottom of the Available Test list on the left hand side.  (Note: There is no test details in the test at this moment)


  • You will need to select desired test details from the Master List or Custom List by clicking on the box next to the desired test detail.
  • Click “Add” with the green arrow key pointing to the left in the middle of the screen
    • A window will pop-up informing you that this will permanently alter the test parameters. Select “Yes” or “No” based on what you would like to do.

Notice all details came up under Test Details

  • Select whether you would like the scan to be causal chain, single item or a one by one.  Causal means it will only show up balancing energetic patterns in the hold tank if it is a part of the root causes affecting the client; Single will force the test to choose the single best remedy/energetic pattern for the client in that group of energetic patterns being scanned; 1X1 will cause the test to put every item being scanned in the hold tank that is a balancing energetic pattern to the client.  SAMPLES of each type of test:
    • Comprehensive test is a causal test
    • Multi Vite test is a single test
    • Informational test is a 1X1 Test


  • When you are finished creating your test click on the test’s name in the Available Tests list. This will build your test.
  • If you would like to move your newly created test to your desired spot in the main Available Tests List, simply click on the up or down arrows on the left side of the Available Tests list
    • In order for your new test to show in your main Available Test Client screen, close Qest4 and reopen. Your newly created test should be in your main Available Test list ready for use.


*Before referring to the following videos, please note that if you are on version or above the method for changing causal, single or 1x1 has changed. Please view the following screenshot for updated method

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  • 12-Dec-2018